Magento is a full-featured, robust, scalable eCommerce platform many multinational companies base their stores on.

We will be happy to build your store, or develop custom modules for your existing one.

Why Magento? First and foremost, it is highly configurable and robust. It is ready for your needs now, and can handle your changing needs as you grow. Just as importantly, it is based on Zend, a highly stable framework which makes it robust, scalable, and easy to expand on. And it has a great number of useful built-in features, from image zooms to easy batch updates.

Here are 10 good reasons we recommend Magento:

  • Based on Zend
  • High feature set, very configurable
  • Scalable
  • Web Services API to interface with other applications
  • Built-in Share on Facebook
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Time-saving batch updates to products
  • Enterprise-grade security (SSL)
  • Manages clients, tax, inventory in a flexible way
  • Integrates well with major payment gateways

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